3q29 micro deletion

Also known as

Each affected person will have different medical and developmental concerns. These concerns include: Usually healthy, without major birth defects Some speech delay Considerable differences between individuals in terms of learning ability Small head A delay in sitting and walking In around one third, features of autism

Condition details

Cleft lip, cleft palate, slow growth, typically smaller than other kids with large ears and generally smaller heads, slow development, speech problems, anger problems, obsessive about things being in order or a certain place, keeps to self, hard time socializing with other kids, issues with certain noise pitches,sensory issues, barley responds to pain, sleep problems, sleep apnea, stares off into space often and can't get his attention, very delayed in sitting alone, crawling, walking, tense muscle tone especially in legs, unusually upper body strength

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Photos of affected individuals

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Typical age range of first manifestation

  • Can manifest in Baby
  • Does not manifest in Toddler
  • Does not manifest in Child 4-10
  • Does not manifest in Child 10-18
  • Does not manifest in Adult


Affected genes identified to date

Inheritance patterns

Are carriers affected?

How many are affected?

Support groups and organisations

Dr Beverly Searle
G1 The Stables
Station Road West
Tel 01883 723356

Known experts

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